Surfside Beach Fishing Pier

Posted By Scott Vansant @ Aug 3rd 2022 11:15am

Contractors for the Surfside Beach Fishing Pier say they are now looking at mid-December to February/March to complete the more than $18-million project.

In a meeting, Wednesday, July 27, about the construction of the town’s pier, the town council and the public heard from contractors and engineers about the pier’s status.

Representatives from Consensus Construction, Collins Engineering, LS3P and consultants from Leitner Management Group answered questions from town administrator William Shanahan and council members.

As contractors continue to extend the length of the pier, now on eight of 13 pile bents, other crews are at work on the buildings that will house businesses on the pier platform.

Contractors say a concrete ramp on the north side of the pier platform is now complete. They are currently building up the platform's two interior stairwells.

Project representatives from each company said issues involving siding panels, handrails and design modifications have caused delays. However, all parties said those issues are being worked out and none should present any major impacts on the construction process.

Some remaining pilings not yet set into the sea floor may present issues.

According to contractors with Consensus Construction, they may have to drive some of the last pilings deeper than previously expected. To secure the pilings, they must be set into hard rock. The construction of the temporary trestle has shown that the rock level is at a different depth below the sea floor than portions of the pier closer to shore.

The town also recently held a citizens’ workshop where the administrator took questions from residents.

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