Renaissance Tower at Myrtle Beach Resort

Posted By Scott Vansant @ Jan 25th 2023 2:04pm

Renaissance Tower is one of the accommodations within the Myrtle Beach Resort.  Renaissance Tower was evacuated in October of 2022 after the building was deemed to be structurally unsound due to the deterioration of steel and the concrete foundation.

Since that time, multi-phase work has been ongoing to remediate the concerns, including but not limited to shoring up the three east columns to make them structurally sound. 

Once the engineers have achieved a point where they feel that the building has been remediated and comfortable to be occupied, the next step will be for them to notify the Horry County Building Inspection Branch of the Code Enforcement Department to continue the conversation and have the building inspected.  As of January 25, 2023, there is still no timetable for this inspection and date of occupancy.

Although there is a rigorous process in place to ensure construction standards are met upon initial development, South Carolina has no current legislation in place that requires periodic re-inspections.  This subject came to light recently with the collapse of the Surfside Condominium complex n Florida.  Florida is taking action to put legislation in place for re-inspections.  South Carolina is heading in a similar direction as a Joint Resolution has been pre-filed (sponsored by Gilliard and Brawley) with the House to create a Coastal Structural Stability Study Committee to examine current measures for inspecting buildings.

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