Myrtle Beach – the holy grail of budget golf trips!

Posted By Scott Vansant @ Apr 18th 2022 3:55pm

Golf Digest had it right – Myrtle Beach truly is the Holy Grail of budget golf trips.

Golf Digest article on Myrtle Beach Golf

Just ask the guys on the Rock and Bowes Golf Tour – celebrating their 39th year this week coming down from Pennsylvania to Myrtle Beach on their annual golf trip.  Says one of the more colorful members of the group, Rob “Hooch” D. - “nothing beats Myrtle Beach for variety – not just in golf but with all of the extracurricular activities in the area – it’s truly a unique spot”.

This group is playing Heritage Club this year.  Heritage Club actually has 2 graveyards.  One graveyard is located on Hole #8 and rests slaves.  Another graveyard is off the tee on Hole #4 and rests the settlers that actually owned the land.

This group is also playing Oyster Bay.  The only out of bounds on Oyster Bay is the road on Hole # 18.  On Hole #17 (an island green), the oyster shells surrounding the green are considered part of the water hazard.

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