Changes to the SC Residential Property Condition Disclosure Statement expected July 1, 2022

Posted By Scott Vansant @ Jun 28th 2022 3:31pm

On July 1,2022, the SC Residential Property Condition Disclosure Statement is expected to have a one sentence change.

"Purchaser has sole responsibility for investigating off-site conditions of the property including, but not limited to, adjacent properties being used for agricultural purposes."

This will place the onus on the purchaser to investigate all off site conditions both present and perhaps occurring in the future.   Perhaps, the purchaser’s investigation occurs pre-offer or during due diligence and over distances desired by the purchaser.  The purchaser can always hire a lawyer and/or private investigator to investigate physically and in documents and verbally and observationally and online.

This should help alleviate post-closing complaints from purchasers with respect to odor, noise, light, vibrations, traffic, change of view, change of use, etc. caused by nearby off-site agricultural uses and other uses. So, this form change will remind purchasers to inspect for agricultural uses off-site and other off-site conditions that may impact the purchaser.

See SCLLR SCREC Form Changes for more information.

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