Warden Station Listings

In January 2024, Conway City Council voted to annex and rezone 1,765.22 acres of land located within the Conway and Bucksport Sections of Horry County, but just outside the jurisdiction of the City of Conway. This piece of property is just west of Highway 701, in the general area north of Harper Road and south of Pitch Landing Road. The property consists of approximately 2,300 feet of frontage off of Highway 701.
This development project is currently being named Warden Station. This intent of this site will be to provide status and details on the development progress of Warden Station in Conway.
The property to be developed is planned to consist of a total of 3,318 units, including 1,380 single family detached homes, 1,018 townhomes, and 920 multi-family units. There is a commercial component that will consist of approximately 136.76 acres.
Early plans are for the project to be completed in 19 phases, including 12 phases of residential product and 7 phases of commercial product, together with amenity areas, park and open space areas. Plans call for 1/5 of the project to be completed within 5 years of approval, with an additional 1/5 of the project to be completed in each of the subsequent five year periods. - with a projected build-out period of the project of 25 years.
The Developer is BRD Land & Investment Management, LLC, a North Carolina limited liability company.  BRD Land & Investment Management, LLC purchased this piece of property in February of 2024 for approximately 17.6 million dollars. Part of the agreement with the developer includes 500 acres that would be given to the city of Conway to consist of not less than 4 pickleball courts, a floodproof playground, parking for recreational activities and for the installation of the Wildlife Refuge Trail connection.  None of the homes would be built on any flood zones.  The project is currently named Warden Station.

Once development at Warden Station has progressed and homes are selling, they will be listed here.

New home community of Warden Station in Conway