SayeBrook Listings



We will have the list of available homes right here once the builders announce them!

SayeBrook is a new home community in Surfside that is currently being developed with Phase 1 homes set to release in early 2023. The first phase of this community will consist of approximately 150+ single family homes. Construction in the new home community of SayeBrook is rather unique in that the completed homes by the builders are intermixed rather than each builder having its own dedicated section of the community. This lends itself well to result in a community with a nice diversification of homes along each street - with different models from different builders along the way!

There are 3 builders developing the first phase of the SayeBrook new home community:

  1. Pulte
  2. Saussy Burbank
  3. Toll Brothers

Pricing and availability is TBD.