Selling a Home in Probate

Posted By Scott Vansant @ Jun 17th 2024 2:24pm

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In this episode, Denise Vansant, the broker from Vansant Realty Group in Myrtle Beach, SC, sits down with Emily Lary, the real estate attorney from Tide Law Firm, North Myrtle Beach, to discuss the intricate process of probate and its impact on real estate transactions

Join us as we delve into: The basics of probate and its significance in real estate. Steps to take when selling a property after a loved one has passed. The role and responsibilities of a personal representative. Probate proceedings for properties owned in multiple states. The differences between joint tenancy, tenants in common, and their implications in probate. Tips for working with a real estate attorney to ensure smooth transactions. Strategies for estate planning to avoid probate complications. This episode is packed with valuable information for anyone dealing with the probate process, real estate professionals, and those planning their estate. Don't miss Emily's expert advice on navigating these legal waters and how to work with a knowledgeable Realtor to help you through the process.

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Family Death?  Selling a Home in Probate a home in probate

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