Horry County Road Improvement Projects

Posted By Scott Vansant @ Jun 14th 2024 4:19pm

The Horry County Road Improvement & Development Effort (RIDE 4) has a commission tasked by Horry County Council to prepare a final list of projects that may be funded by a 1% local sales and use tax.  Once a list of specific transportation projects is determined, Horry County Council will then have the option to move the final list to a referendum vote by the citizens of Horry County on the November 2024 General Election ballot.  If approved by voters, the RIDE 4 program would go into effect May 1, 2025, after completion of the RIDE 3 collections.  As of June 2024, a summary of the RIDE 4 projects is as follows:

Summary of RIDE 4 Projects

For more information visit https://www.horrycountysc.gov/ride-4/

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